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How to earn as a Student(for programmers)?

You can get the idea and try to implement it in your field

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Published on Oct 1, 2021

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Well, everyone wants to earn money as a student that's for sure, but very fever people actually make it. This blog is especially for those in their teen and wants to get some money in their pocket. To being with earning you should first know a skill. In my case, it was coding. The points mentioned below are the ones I followed and they really helped me out a lot, I'll recommend you to follow them in the order to get the maximum value from this blog.

#1. Mentoring/Teaching

As a programmer or a coder if you want to earn money the best way to start is by teaching other people what you know. There are tons of people who are willing to learn computer languages and are searching for mentors to guide them and help them understand concepts. Teaching/mentoring is the best and simple (not easy) way to start earning.

The benefit of teaching someone is that you learn advanced concepts as you try to explain and teach the basics to the student. You understand the flow or how a particular piece of code gets executed. You read various docs, blogs, articles, and various other references to give the best content to your Bootcamp members. So mentoring is the best way to boost your soft skills and coding skills.

#2. Freelancing

The second step you can do after the first is can start with freelancing. What do I do as a Freelancer? How do I get clients? Where do I get clients?

As a freelancer, you can make websites or portfolios for your friends, local business, and various other business that if given an online platform can flourish. If your soft skills improve from the #mentoring then you can easily make great moves in freelancing. The skill needed here is your soft skill as in how you talk to a person, understand his difficulty, and providing the optimum method that can benefit him via the skill you possess (in my case it was coding).

Another tip to those who want to start with freelancing is you should have a good online presence to target and attract the right kind of audience you want. If you don't have one you can start by posting coding (your field) related stuff online, basically content creation ( , my Instagram handle userId). Content creation or having an online presence gave me my first two clients, isn't it amazing? Do let me know in the comment box if there is some other way you think can help you target the right kind of audience searching for you.

#3. Internship/Job

This is the final step if you want a good-paying internship or job the first two points will give you an amazing boost during interviews and also while working. The best thing about mentoring students is that your concepts get strong and it also helps you write a piece of code more efficiently which is very important when you are professionally working. Freelancing helps you apply those concepts and make your de-bugging skills strong enough which itself is an amazing skill rather than spending hours for the solution on stack-overflow. This tip is not for beginner coders trying to earn a buck. Money/success doesn't come soon it takes days of hustle. So I'll recommend you guys to take your step slowly because learning is a slow process.

If this blog helped you out in earing do let me know in the comments below. I'll try to make more such blog.

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